Update: Friday 6th July

Due to the high temperatures, the road surface temperatures have been too high to apply slurry sealing to our footways on Maple Drive and Sutton Avenue. However, our in-house Operations team is working on siding out the rest of the street, which involves cutting back grass verges and overgrown vegetation to make it easier when applying slurry to the footways.

Update: Tuesday 26th May

After a short break, work is continuing on Maple Drive in Chellaston. This work will be carried out for the rest of this week and into next week (w/c 2nd July).

Update: Tuesday 29th May

Work is due to start today at both Maple Drive and Sutton Avenue (in Chellaston). This week has been chosen as it is a school holiday, and therefore the works will have less of an impact on school traffic. Once work is completed on these two roads, the Operations team will resume work in Boulton.

This work is weather dependent, so please be patient as we plan our project around this week’s forecast. Thank you.

Update: Wednesday 16th May

Ashby Street and Jubalton Close in Boulton are now complete.

Today, our operatives begin work in:

  • Cockayne Street South
  • Bingham Street
  • Mellor Street
  • Fisher Street
  • Turner Street
  • Rowland Street.

This work will continue throughout the week.

Update: Tuesday 8th May

The Operations team has started work on Ashby Street and Jubalton Close today, preparing the locations ready to lay the slurry sealing.

Update: Wednesday 2nd May

Letters were distributed to two streets in Boulton on Friday (27th April), giving them notice of two working days that work was due to begin.

Following a review of this week’s weather forecast, the team is now planning to begin work on Thursday. This treatment is wholly dependent on the weather, as conditions must be dry both before and during the work.

Please remember to avoid parking in the area, as doing so may delay the work being completed.

We have planned the most operationally efficient programme for carrying out the work. We have one team of staff members working on this project; if at any given time they are not where you expect them to be, this could be because they are preparing another street for treatment or letter dropping the next street to notify them we’re on our way.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while the work is undertaken.

Starting on Tuesday 1st May, the Highways Maintenance team will be carrying out its annual citywide slurry sealing programme on Derby’s footways. This is a process of treating the pavements which are structurally sound but don’t appear to look great aesthetically, therefore preserving and extending the lifespan of the footways.

The project will predominantly cover Boulton, Chellaston, Oakwood, Abbey and Darley, and should run for two to three months. Due to the nature of the work, the weather will play a huge part in the progress of the project – warmer and drier days are crucial for the successful completion of the work. If adverse weather causes delays to the work, we will publish updates on this page.

Footway slurry sealing project - Spring 2018For the third consecutive year, this work will be carried out in-house by Derby City Council Streetpride staff. A four-man crew will work Monday to Friday to complete the project, for which £150,000 has been allocated from the Highways and Transport Work Programme.

There should be no disruption to passing traffic as the work continues, and residents of the affected streets will be notified by letters that the work is commencing. This letter will explain exactly what is involved in the project, as well as covering FAQs.

We encourage anyone from these areas to check the website or re-visit this page for updates about the project. We will update both this article and the ‘Managing our highway assets’ page on our website with further information about the programme.

We would like to thank all residents in advance for your patience while we complete this work.

Additional highways projects around the city

In addition to the slurry sealing programme, there are other footway and carriageway schemes which will be undertaken during this financial year.

We will publish updates regarding the progress of these schemes both on the Newsroom and our website. Please keep an eye out for more information later in the year.