Fostering services from twelve neighbouring Local Authorities have been working in collaboration to produce the film ‘There was a boy’. This is the third film the team has produced to promote foster care across the region and focuses on the need to help at risk teenagers. For these young people this is a time in their lives which is critical in shaping the person that they will go on to become.

This short emotive and uplifting film focuses on the story of a teenager. The film tells two stories of two possible courses life can take. Two alternative realities, one intervened by Foster Care and one without.

The story highlights a key issue in fostering: the need for more foster carers who would consider caring for teenagers.

The film shows how foster care can impact on a boy’s future and literally change a life and how rewarding that can be for the foster carer knowing that they have made a difference.

Andy Smith, Strategic Director of Peoples Services at Derby City Council said:

“This is a really high-quality film and really helps to get across the urgent need we have for people to step forward who have that extra space to help teenagers at risk.

“Producing a film to this standard is a massive undertaking, both in terms of complexity and cost.  It’s something no single council would have the capacity to deliver.  So, the fact that we have found a way to do this through collaborative working is to the credit of all the partners involved.”

The film will be launched on Monday 14th May, at a premiere screening at The Everyman, Birmingham marking the beginning of Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest foster care recruitment campaign which runs from 14th – 27th May. Special guests include Kevin Williams from the Fostering Network, Martin Reeves, West Midlands Combined Authority Chief Executive as well as the cast, crew and foster carers from each authority.

To find out more about fostering visit our website, or come along to our information event on Tuesday 15th May from 7pm-9pm at the Enterprise Centre, Bridge Street, Derby.

To find out more about fostering with us call 01332 640880 or visit our Fostering website.