UPDATE: Event to take place on Sunday 9th October 3.30pm


Proposals to be put forward to Derby City Council by Cllr Ranjit Banwait would grant Olympic gold medallist and City of Derby Swimming Club athlete Adam Peaty Freedom of the City.

Speaking about his proposal Cllr Ranjit Banwait, Leader of Derby City Council, said:

“When Adam won, it was not just inspiring to me but to many thousands of people across our City and across our Country.

“There are very good reasons to celebrate Adam’s success. He has done far more than just win Team GB’s first gold medal at Rio. He has done more than winning championship golds, breaking world records or being named European Swimmer of the Year and World Swimmer of the Year.

“What Adam has done through his achievements is inspire the next generation. Despite his young age Adam has shown that if you work hard and train hard, then you can achieve great things.

“We do not champion our young role models enough and I think we should. I look forward to putting the proposals to the Council so that Adam can have his success celebrated and he can continue to inspire.

“Some will say we can’t talk about inspiring people without also talking about the swimming facilities in Derby. On this point I have been clear, we have made a commitment to build a new pool and we will build a new pool.”
The Report of the Leader of the Council will go to the meeting of the Council on Wednesday 14th September. If approved then an extraordinary meeting of full council will be held to confirm the decision.