Start weight:  17 stone, BMI 34

Weight after 8 months on Livewell:  13.7 stone, BMI 27

Weight loss:  3.5 stone

Not being able to bend over to tie his shoe laces gave Lee Blurton the final push to visit his GP and seek help to tackle his weight problem.

The 45-year-old dad from Chaddesden weighed 17 stone putting his body mass index in the obese category.  His doctor told him about Livewell’s free 12-month weight loss programme and that was the start of a complete transformation.

Lee explains how the support from the Livewell community encouraged him to try running, cycling and exercise and now he can’t get enough of it!

My weight had become a problem.  I couldn’t run around after my youngest children and even walking upstairs left me out of breath.  I was sick of feeling rubbish.  As a busy dad, I didn’t want them worrying about my health, I knew that being overweight put me at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Joining Livewell is the best thing I’ve ever done.  At first I was apprehensive but the support and encouragement I received from the Livewell team and fellow clients made it easy to get started.  I soon realised I was amongst lots of people in the same boat as me and even when I found things tough, I’d get a supportive text from my advisor, Antony.

Livewell helped me to get into a healthier mindset with eating, not just as a quick fix but for life. Before I’d never eat breakfast but I quickly learned that skipping it made me reach for sugary snacks mid-morning so now I start every day with a healthy bowl of cereal.  Reducing my portion sizes and replacing calorie laden snacks with fruit and vegetables made a big difference to my weight loss and I never felt hungry.

My exercise habits have flipped upside down!  I didn’t do anything before Livewell but now I never sit down!  I couldn’t believe that Livewell offered so much exercise for free.  With a large family, money can be tight so the opportunity to try new things like boxing and bootcamp made it easier for me to take part.  And despite finding things really hard at the start, the other clients really spurred me on and now I’m pleased to do the same for other new starters.  I’ve got to know some great people and we have such a laugh.

I regularly burn 2000 calories a day riding my bike, doing activities and running.  I joined Livewell’s Couch to 5k course which is the best form of exercise I’ve done and now I can run 11km.  In fact I love running so much that I’ve volunteered to help lead other Livewell courses as well as a new Jog Derbyshire group.  I want to motivate people to realise that they can improve their fitness and change their lives.”

Lee’s eating habits Before Now
Breakfast None Cereal
Lunch Fast food – burgers, chicken or large pub lunch Chicken salad wholemeal wrap
Dinner Large meal with chips plus kids left overs Toast with chicken, avocado, hummus, salad
Snacks Crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits Fruit
Drinks Fizzy drinks and alcohol Water


Livewell’s 12-month Lose Weight programme supports clients to achieve their health goals through a wide range of free exercise sessions, an 8 week weight management course and weekly meetings and drop ins.   To find out more visit