Simple, easy garden waste collections

Registration for the Garden Recycling Scheme 2018 is now open.

Garden Recycling Scheme 2018For £40 (or £25 for a smaller bin), you will get hassle-free collections of your garden waste up until November. If you have a big garden and get through a lot of garden waste, you can purchase additional brown bins for £20 each.

Collections are every fortnight, and bins will typically be emptied on the same day as your recycling (blue) bin.

Once you have registered for the Scheme, you will receive an email or letter telling you when your collection dates will be for 2018. However, you can check your bin day at any time using our bin day look-up tool.

Please note: membership packs which have been sent out in previous years will not be sent this year. You will not need to put a sticker on your bin to show you are a member of the Scheme.

Quick facts about the Scheme:

  • Membership is £40 for the year.
  • Collections run between Tuesday 10th April and Friday 16th November – you will get fortnightly collections between these dates.
  • Your garden waste will be collected efficiently and sent for responsible composting at Vital Earth – our garden waste contractor.
  • A limited number of smaller bins are available if you are not going to fill a standard-sized one.

Please visit our website for more information and to sign up for the Scheme.