Derby City Council is proud to support Recycle Week, encouraging residents to recycle often-forgotten bathroom items, like empty cans of deodorant.

While we all do our bit to recycle what we can, certain items around the house regularly miss being put in the blue bin. In the UK, almost 90% of packaging is recycled in our kitchens, while just over half (52%) of bathroom items are recycled.

Recycle Now found that nearly half (49%) of the UK population doesn’t always recycle aerosols, including deodorant and hairspray. However, being recycling savvy and recycling just three empty deodorants can save enough energy to power a shower for eight minutes.

Aerosols can be recycled again and again without any loss in quality, making them a truly fantastic resource. In fact, if everyone in Derby recycled one more deodorant spray, it would save enough energy to power a typical primary school for 110 days. That’s nearly two full terms at school!

Councillor Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, said:

Adding recycling to your bathroom regime can make a real difference in saving energy. This is why we are fully supporting Recycle Week and encouraging residents to get involved.

One of our key pledges as a Council is to help make Derby a clean city. Keeping recyclable materials out of landfill can go a long way in making this a reality.

Linda Crichton, Head of Recycle Now, said:

Many of us have our daily bathroom routines in place – whether we’re getting ready for work, or just settling down for a night in. During Recycle Week, we’re looking to shake things up, letting people know that they can do good for their environment in the process of looking good.

One tip is to put a recycling bag or bin in your bathroom to make recycling an easy part of your routine.

Here are some of Recycle Now’s top bathroom recycling tips:

  • where possible empty and rinse containers before they go in the recycling bin
  • put caps and lids back on your glass containers before recycling
  • remove plastic lids and caps from air-freshener, deodorant and shaving foam aerosols and place them in your blue bin separately – this helps to speed things up at the recycling site
  • mirrors and nail varnish bottles are not recyclable and should be put in your general waste.


If you aren’t sure what you can recycle at home, visit our A-Z of recycling page.