Regular visitors to the Council House will have noticed that the ground floor café has got a whole new look. Recently rebranded as Go’Sasa, the new café offers visitors a chance to make greener choices when they make a purchase.

The same range of Costa hot drinks is still available; however customers will now be given a 10p discount if they bring their own reusable cup. This brings the Council in line with the major high street chains, all of whom promote a reusable cup reward system.

Reusable cups for life will be available to purchase for £3.50 from the café.

Reusable coffee cups at Go'SasaWhat makes coffee cups hard to recycle?

Takeaway coffee shop cups are hard to recycle because of the combination of materials used to make them. There is typically a layer of polyethylene inside the cup, which keeps the liquid from leaking. This layer is not easy to separate from the outer paper wrapping, and there are currently only three recycling sites in the country with the technology to separate them effectively for recycling.

The major coffee chains all have dedicated recycling bins where you can dispose of your empty paper cup. These will be transported to dedicated recycling sites in the UK where the materials can be appropriately separated and recycled. We encourage any visitors who get a drink in a takeaway cup to put them in these bins when they are empty.

Tap water refills

In addition to discounts for reusable cups, the café is also a free tap water refill point, encouraging customers to reuse their existing water bottles rather than buying new. You can refill your bottle with the water jugs near the till – you don’t even need to make a purchase first!

Recycling is an excellent way to tackle waste, but reducing what you use in the first place is even better. Hopefully these changes at Go’Sasa will help to make this easier for all visitors to the Council House.