Events up until Sunday 30th September will not be taking place at the Guildhall Theatre. Derby LIVE will be looking at options to move some events to other venues.  Where this is not possible, the event will be cancelled and customers will receive a full refund.

Planned work relating to the Guildhall Theatre auditorium ceiling has been ongoing since summer 2018. When the ceiling was inspected in September 2018 it was identified that a scaffold structure was needed above the balcony to keep the Theatre open to customers and this was put in place.

Unfortunately as work progressed, it became apparent that more extensive work is required to the ceiling. The Guildhall Theatre has been closed since the 11 January so that these works can continue.

Following further investigations, it’s been concluded that the maintenance works to the ceiling must be progressed before the Theatre can reopen.

Given what is currently known, it is believed that it is reasonable and realistic to carry this work out and reopen in the autumn.

Councillor Alan Grimadell, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism said;

“It’s very unfortunate that the Guildhall Theatre has to remain closed until autumn, but the priority has to be the safety of our staff, partners and customers. Derby LIVE is looking to relocate events where possible.”

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