Spring is (almost) here and for lots of us it’s a chance to throw open the windows and have a good old clear out and clean.

But, with a clear out can come lots of unwanted items that end up in the bin when they could be reused or recycled! To make sure nothing goes to waste, we’ve put together some ideas to help you earn some extra pennies and do your bit for the environment.


According to Love Your Clothes, an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away every year. Many of these could have been given to charity, repaired or even upcycled.

Love Your ClothesHere’s some ways to make the most of your cast-offs…

  • Charity – Charity shops are almost always looking for donations and will take almost any clothes that are in a good condition. Some will even collect items from your home if you can’t make it to the shops.
  • Selling – Online selling sites are a quick and easy way to turn unwanted clothes into cash.
  • Recycling – More and more high street stores now have recycling points for clothes, shoes, and other household textiles. Use this handy recycling locator to find your nearest in-store recycling point or take your clothes and shoes to Raynesway HWRC.
  • Repair – Sewing kits at the ready! If your favourite garments just need some TLC, the Love Your Clothes website has some great videos and guides.
  • Upcycle – It’s unbelievably easy to transform t-shirts and other clothes into something new. We put together a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration to help you get started!


London Road Fly Tip (APRIL 2019)Recent reports have shown a staggering number of mattresses just aren’t being recycled and are being fly tipped or dumped. In Derby, if you’re caught fly-tipping mattresses or other furniture you could face a fixed penalty notice or even court action.

  • Donate – As with clothes, many charities will also collect donations of furniture. Items like sofas will need to have their fire resistance labels still attached.
  • Sell – Furniture in good condition can be sold to new homes.
  • Upcycle – Sometimes, a good clean and a lick of paint can totally transform your furniture and could be cheaper than buying new replacements.
  • Let us help you – If the above aren’t options you want to take or if your furniture is broken, then we can collect it for you through our bulky waste collection service. You can book online in a matter of minutes! Alternatively, you can take it to Raynesway HWRC.

Toys, DVD’s, books and more

Any items at home that are in a good condition that we no longer want should be sold or donated instead of thrown away.

You can find out more about household items and what to do with them, in our A-Z of recycling and rubbish.


Now the days are getting longer and the weather is (hopefully) cheering up, it’s a great time to get the garden ready for summer.

Garden Recycling Scheme
Garden Recycling Scheme

If you haven’t already, don’t forget you can get a free brown bin for all your garden and food waste!

Advice from the Royal Horticultural society says that March is the perfect time to prune and cut back winter shrubs and give the garden a general tidy up.

Other spring cleaning tips

Cleaning sprays – Did you know that all the plastic bottles from cleaning products can be recycled in the blue bin? Just rinse them out, pop the lids back on and put them in the blue bin. Better still, reuse the bottles and refill them or make your own household cleaners. Most use a base of water, white vinegar and washing up liquid, making them cheaper than most cleaning products. They can also be kinder to your home as there are no harmful chemicals.

Cleaning wipes – Disposable wipes might seem like the most hygienic option but a good disinfectant spray and a clean cloth is just as effective and much less harmful to the environment.