A new campaign has launched to reduce the amount of sugar consumed by children, and encourage healthier snacking.

Public Health England (PHE) has warned that on average, children consume at least three unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks a day.

That means children can easily consume three times more sugar than is recommended.

When it comes to snack time, it can be hard to manage what they’re munching if your kids are pestering or helping themselves to whatever they like from the cupboards!

But snacks can all add up – and there’s more sugar in them than you think. That’s why PHE is recommending that you limit snacks given to your sprogs to two 100 calorie snacks a day.

DIY snacks

You can save money by preparing healthy snacks yourself. Fresh, tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables are always the best choice for a snack — check out these great snack ideas your little people will love.

NHS Choices have also put together some great snack ideas, plus there’s loads online if you search for 100 calorie snacks!

Traffic Lights

Of course, time is most definitely a virtue, and sometimes it’s just not possible to make snacks. Our top tip is to look out for the Traffic Light labels on food packaging.

You can buy snacks that are 100 calories and lower in sugar, and the Traffic Lights on the front of the pack make these really easy to spot.

Calories are included on the far left-hand side of the label, as well as the salt, sugar, and fat. Choose snacks with more greens and ambers on the label, and cut down on snacks that show any reds.

You can sign up to get a free healthy snacking pack, and get money-off vouchers and stickers for the kids by visiting the Change4Life website.

If you want a bit more guidance on sugar, check out the NHS website.