Work to install a new height gantry on the approach to Derwent Street underpass is expected to be completed on Wednesday 13th June. Traffic management will be in place temporarily on Derwent Street and Nottingham Road in order to safely carry out work.

A full road closure will be in place between 9.30am and 3.00pm, with fully signed diversion routes in place.

This work has been carried out in two phases – the first involved an excavation for the concrete base of the gantry, and the second phase will see the gantry put in place.

The new gantry will be a marked improvement on the previous design – providing a safer solution that will visually alert drivers to the low bridge. The use of hanging steel chains will also provide an audible warning to over-height vehicles passing under the gantry, helping to reduce the accidents caused by over-height vehicles attempting to use the under-pass.

Drivers of tall vehicles are still being urged to be responsible and ensure they are aware of the height of their vehicle and not to risk driving under low bridges or underpasses.

Drivers who chose to ignore height warnings and subsequently crash into underpasses or low bridges could have action taken against them by the police. In most of the recent incidents at the Derwent Street under-pass, the height of the vehicle involved was clearly marked within the vehicles cab.

Councillor Jonathon Smale, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride commented:

“I’m pleased to welcome the replacement of the height gantry on Derwent Street. I hope that this will ensure a reduction in the number of incidents that take place here. However, drivers of large goods vehicles must ensure that they take responsibility and do not ignore the height warnings.”