On Thursday 16th February, Derby City Councils Housing Standards Team successfully prosecuted a Derby landlord for offences in relation to a rented property on St Chads Road, Normanton, Derby.

At Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court, Mr Ali Shan of Stenson Road, Derby was found guilty of failing to comply with enforcement notices served under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, Building Act 1984, Housing Act 2004 and Environmental Protection Act 1990.  These required repair and maintenance work to be carried out by Mr Shan to bring the property up to a reasonable standard.

These notices were served after an inspection of the property by the Councils Housing Standards Team discovered a catalogue of defects relating to fire safety issues, falls on stairs, food safety, drainage provision, heating, a failure to maintain gas appliances and not being secure against intruders.  Mr Shan failed to comply with the notices and failed to take steps to remove the hazards at the property, meaning that some work had to be carried out by the Council to make it safer.

Mr Shan was fined a total of £8500 with costs of £3482 and a victim surcharge of £170, for which a collection order was made.

In coming to his decision on sentencing, District Judge Taafe presiding, stated that the fact that Mr Shan had been prosecuted previously on two occasions by the Council for similar offences aggravated matters.  He stated that the offences were of a prolonged nature and caused a risk to health and injury of a substantial nature to those residing at, and visiting, the property. He noted that there had been total non-cooperation by Mr Shan who had allowed tenants to remain in a hazardous property for personal gain.

Councillor Fareed Hussain, Cabinet Member for Urban Renewal stated:

We always try to work with landlords to secure improvements, but they should be left in no doubt that we will enforce the law to ensure compliance with the standards required. Landlords have a duty of care for their tenants, and this responsibility is not optional. Tenants and their families’ health and safety can be put at risk if a landlord fails to ensure their property is safe. The Housing Standards team at Derby City Council will not tolerate landlords who dismiss their responsibilities and put their tenants’ wellbeing at risk’.

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Published: Sunday 19th February