The Council’s Home First team has surpassed their annual assessment target, carrying out 678 care assessments so far this year.

The Council pledged to “double its intermediate care capacity to 460 assessments to help people get out of hospital as soon as they can”.

Home First have done just that. The service helps people to get out of hospital, and back into their own homes (or rapid response care at Perth House) as quickly as possible.

This winter, the NHS and health services have experienced an unprecedented demand, with many local hospitals putting emergency measures in place. This has brought with it immense pressure to discharge patients from hospital in order to free up beds.

The Home First team, have made a critical contribution to these pressures, working in Perth House and in the community to offer short-term support to people leaving hospital.  Home First manages 36 beds at Perth House as an integrated service with DCHS Intermediate Care , and a further 10 temporary beds have been opened by DCC at Arboretum House, providing much needed capacity for assessments and short-term support outside of hospital.

Councillor Martin Repton, Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care said:

“This is a fantastic result for the team – they do a brilliant job. Being admitted to hospital can be a very difficult and emotional experience for some people, and can lead to them losing their confidence and independence. The service has been working hard to support patients, and get them back to their homes, or intermediate care as quickly as safely possible.

“The team offer social care support, which is crucial in ensuring people – especially the elderly – feel confident and independent in their own homes. As a Council we need to be enabling and empowering people to live their lives as fully as possible.”

The cycle of admission to Perth House; assessment, discharge and on-going assessment and review at home, has been key in ensuring the service can maintain the capacity to accept discharges from the hospital, maintain the flow of customers through the system and reduce delayed transfers of care.

Home First works as part of the Derbyshire Discharge to Assess model; Pathway 1 (to assessment and reablement services provided in their own homes) and Pathway 2 (to short term assessment at Perth House).