Have you thought about who your energy supplier is and how much they’re charging you? The chances are you could be saving money by switching.

As part of Big Energy Saving Week 2016, the Cabinet Office are encouraging you all to jump online and make use of this great comparison tool.

So, how-do you switch your energy supplier?

People often assume that making the energy supplier switch will be complicated and time consuming, but it can take as little as ten minutes.

  1. Use the comparison tool to find the energy supplier you want to use, or has the best deal for you. All you need to tell them is your address, current supplier and roughly how much energy you use. They’ll then show you a list of suppliers and how much money they estimate you could save.

    comparison tool screenshot
    A screen shot showing the results of the comparison tool.
  2. Once you’ve found you energy supplier of choice, visit their website to switch. You don’t need to tell your current supplier that you’re switching; your new supplier does all that for you. Most energy suppliers have an online form for switching to them.
  3. It takes 4-6 weeks to switch supplier, and once it’s complete you can sit back and watch the savings roll in.

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