Council Leader Ranjit Banwait has welcomed today’s (15th November) announcement that high speed rail project HS2 has been given the green light in the East Midlands.

He said the eastern leg of the project would give Derby better connectivity with other major towns and cities from a new HS2 Station which is planned at Toton, Nottinghamshire.

The project will link Birmingham, the East Midlands, Sheffield and Leeds, adding capacity and making journey times much faster.

HS2 is set to cost £56 billion, with the first phase running between London and Birmingham scheduled for completion in 2026.

Derbyshire is part of the second phase which is not due for completion until 2033.

Councillor Banwait said:

We welcome the investment HS2 will bring to our region.

It presents a unique opportunity to boost the economies of all the cities and towns that run along it, including Derby and Nottingham.

Even in its inception stage the project will mean more jobs for people who are planning, supporting and building the railway network.

Once completed, it will increase productivity and trade by better connecting towns and cities giving residents more job opportunities.

The Leader explained that the current rail system could not support passenger growth. He said it failed to cope with increasing demands for better and faster services, and upgrading current routes would not accommodate the anticipated increase in people using the railway over the next 30 years.

He added:

Even people who do not use the rail network will benefit from the HS2 project as our roads are less likely to be congested if freight is being transported by rail routes.

Councils, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and Chambers of Commerce from Birmingham to Scotland are working together on the HS2 East partnership to promote the delivery the eastern leg of its route, with improved links to Scotland.

You can view the preferred route map for HS2 eastern leg of the project on Gov.UK

For more information about HS2 East, please visit