1. The proposed journey times from Toton would be:

Birmingham in 20 minutes
Birmingham Interchange (for Birmingham Airport) in 17 minutes
Derby in 12 minutes
Leeds in 27 minutes
Leicester in 21 minutes
London in 52 minutes
Newcastle in 1 hour and 36 minutes
Nottingham in 12 minutes
Sheffield in 26 minutes

2. The East Midlands Hub station at Toton will be the most connected HS2 station outside of London, with a minimum of seven HS2 trains an hour (with four from London via Birmingham Interchange, three from Birmingham Curzon Street).

3. It will also have two classic rail platforms that will connect to the existing rail network. Through the addition of a ‘classic compatible link’ there is the potential to run HS2 trains from Leicester via the Hub Station to Leeds and Manchester – although this will require an electrified Midland Mainline.

4. The Hub Station will have a direct connection to the A52 and to the Nottingham Tram system. There is potential to extend tram connectivity to Derby and Derbyshire.
5. HS2s eastern Leg will serve over 15 million people, including six of the UKs top ten cities, and an economy worth over £320 billion.

6. HS2 East partnership has demonstrated that the eastern Leg will be financially the best performing part of the Government’s proposed high speed network – with a benefit to cost ratio of over 5 to 1 when both transport and wider economic benefits are considered.

7. Linking Birmingham, the East Midlands, Sheffield and Leeds, through to a connection to the East Coast Main Line, boosting connectivity to York, Tees Valley, Newcastle and Scotland. Will deliver an annual boost of over £700 million to the national economy.