With 164 new homes already constructed and plans well underway for another 234, work is about to start to acquire land for another 400 homes which will be the final three phases of the Castleward regeneration.

The entire project, when completed, is to provide about 800 homes. A new primary school is also to be built as part of the development.

These will contribute to the overall goal of the City Centre Masterplan (CCMP) to build 1,900 new housing units in the city centre by 2030.

Together with other goals in the CCMP, the aim is to transform Derby into a preferred business, leisure, cultural, retail and well-connected destination.

The final three phases of Castleward are across land currently owned by multiple businesses and organisations which may have to be acquired under a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

At their meeting on Wednesday (14th November), Cabinet will be asked to approve a CPO feasibility exercise which will confirm all the landowners and the potential acquisition and compensation costs.

Negotiations to acquire the land by agreement will continue in parallel with the CPO feasibility.

A final CPO report will return to Cabinet in summer 2019 to acquire properties for which agreement has not been reached.

Almost 100 businesses are affected. Their locations include Siddals Road, Canal Street, John Street, Carrington Street, Copeland Street, New Street, Liversage Street, Parks Street and Hope Street. Homes in these areas and the petrol station on Traffic Street are excluded.

Map showing the boundary for the proposed Compulsory Purchase order
The boundary for the proposed Compulsory Purchase order

Outline planning permission for this project was granted on 8th February 2013 and the area has also been designated for housing in the Derby Local Plan which sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used.

Councillor Matthew Holmes, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Public Protection said:

This housing-led regeneration programme is important if we are to grow the local economy for all residents and all sectors of the economy.

As the UK’s number one high-tech city at the heart of the country’s aerospace, rail and automotive sectors, Derby has an expanding network of advanced technology businesses and professional services. To keep growing this base and bringing wealth to the city we need to increase the number of homes we can offer so that Derby workers are able to live here also. At the moment too many professionals and students are having to live in nearby cities and commute daily.

Castleward is one of the solutions we are pursuing to ensure continued economic growth and make Derby a preferred city in which to live and work.