Workwise UK has this week launched their annual winter long campaign – Commute Smart Week (13th – 20th November) to raise awareness of how to implement smarter ways of working during the winter months.

Commute Smart week provides a real opportunity for organisations to revise working practices, think about how and where people work and set about adopting flexible approaches to people management as a key component of effective change.

Here’s some ideas for smarter working that you’re organisation could introduce:

  1. Flexible working
    Allow your staff to travel outside peak times. Start work an hour early, and then leave an hour early at the end of the day, or start an hour later, and leave an hour later. Shift hours around to give people more options for their working day.
  2.  Remote & Agile Working
    Home working is often more productive with fewer distractions. When possible allow staff to work from home for a day or two per week or per month. Or allow staff to work from alternative sites, this could be a sister office or even a coffee shop. If it means they can cut down on the travel and still get the job done then what’s not to love?
  3. Virtual Meetings
    Meetings don’t need to be face to face.  Technology has really helped to open up the virtual meeting with telephone/video conference calls and online meeting platforms like Skype and Go-To-Meeting.  Cut out an unnecessary commuting and make it virtual to save time, money and stress.
  4. Healthy options
    Encourage staff to ditch the car for commuting and save money on gym membership by getting their exercise for free! Employees could cycle or walk to work if possible, or go for a folding bike/train combo if the mileage is a bit too much.

    Look at your fleet of pool cars – are they low emission/electric.  Encourage staff to use them for work meetings in the day, and cut the car out of their daily commute to and from work.

Statistics show that the number of accidents increases by up to a fifth in the winter compared to summer, and that Fridays are a hot-spot for accidents on the roads, especially in winter. Home time (between 4.00pm and 6.00pm) is the worst time, so smarter commuting and working could also help reduce road accidents during the winter months.