Street lighting is provided to enable safe use of the highway for road users and pedestrians and also helps to promote strong and safe communities. Starting in August 2007, work began in Derby to replace the street lighting to meet current standards and provide a safer and more pleasant environment. 

Derby City Council is currently responsible for 29,490 street lights across the city which are managed as part of a 25 year PFI contract with Balfour Beatty. 130 of which are switched off for a period of time during the night, in areas which are gated or barred from public use, there are no plans to turn off any lights in accessible public areas.

A further 6,082 street of the largest energy lights have had dimming technology installed to enable them to be dimmed off peak, during the night. An investment of £2.8 million will replace 14,289 lights with the latest energy efficient LED lights which give a better quality of light for a fraction of the power usage (£1.5 million comes from a free loan from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) the remaining £1.3 million comes from the Street Lighting reserve).

The dimming project saves approximately £109,000, which is being used to pay back the investment in new LED technology, resulting in maintenance savings, a reduction in energy costs and a better quality of light. The LED lights comply with all British Standards for lighting of public areas and offer an 80% reduction in energy consumption and save £307,000 per year. These savings will be used to pay back the investment over 10 years.

Each street will be individually risk assessed and traffic counts will be used to ensure that dimming does not occur until outside of peak traffic times in accordance with British and European standards. There will be no reduction in lighting levels at junctions or islands where accidents and collisions typically occur.

Alongside street lighting we are also responsible for the illuminated signs and bollards on our roads. Streetpride provides those critical front-line services that everyone who lives or works in Derby uses every day and street lighting forms a highly visible and vital part of the street scene. We are working together with our private sector partners delivering one of our big ambitions, to make Derby an inspiring place to live by improving inner city areas.

The Highways team will continue to liaise with our Casualty Reduction and Road Safety Team, our Community Safety Officer and the Neighbourhood Managers to make sure that any residents’ concerns are addressed. We are committed to providing good street lighting using the latest technology available.