There are an estimated 1293 taxis in Derby – mainly private hire vehicles. So, it’s important to make sure all of them are in safe condition and compliant with licence conditions. That’s why, today, Derby City Council’s taxi licensing team is joining up with Derbyshire Police for one of their regular joint vehicle inspection exercises.

The Licensing Team and Police will be undertaking roadside inspections of taxis to ensure they’re in good condition and if they aren’t, taking action to rectify the issues. There are a number of actions we can take:

  • If a vehicle has serious problems its licence is suspended with immediate effect. The licence is only reinstated after the vehicle has been repaired and then inspected at an approved garage.
  • If a vehicle has issues but they are not serious enough to immediately suspend the licence it can be sent for further inspection by the licensing team, or by a garage.
  • If the licensing officer isn’t sure about the safety of a vehicle, but has reasonable doubt, they are entitled to suspend its licence. To help establish the problem, they can send the vehicle for a garage inspection so a more detailed examination can be carried out.
  • On more minor matters such as cleanliness or appearance, the driver can be offered advice

The Police, who have different powers to the Council, can take their own action:

  • They can issue a PG9 Notice, which prohibits use of the vehicle and requires the owner to produce documentation at a police station to evidence it has been repaired (normally, the “pass” certificate issued by a Council approved garage after an inspection).
  • The Police may also choose to prosecute drivers.

Alongside these joint inspections, the Council’s Taxi Licensing team also carries out inspections at weekends as part of the Purple Flag scheme.

You can contact the Taxi Licensing team by emailing or calling 01332 641951.

Today, you can follow the action as it happens, by following the City Council’s twitter account @DerbyCC.