Next month the Council will launch its Neighbourhood Charter, setting standards for streets and parks, and re-emphasising the role of communities in working with us to keep neighbourhoods cleaner.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods & Public Protection explains our pledge and what it means for you:

“We are doing this because you told us that you want a safe, strong and ambitious city.

The message we have received loud and clear is that you want us to focus on our city being safer, and a fundamental part of this is for the city to be cleaner.

To do this, we are launching Love Your Neighbourhood, our campaign to make our neighbourhoods cleaner, safer and friendlier – in partnership with you.

Of course the Council has an important role to play in keeping the city’s neighbourhoods cleaner and safer. We have teams of workers who are out in your local street, or park every day cleaning up and removing litter and fly tipping.  Many of them live in Derby.  They may be part of your neighbourhood, or even your neighbour.

We will continue to empty your bins, repair the roads, maintain our street lights, pick up litter and dog mess, cut the grass and keep children’s play areas clean and safe, but we need your help.

We all need to accept that it is predominantly people who live in Derby who drop litter, put furniture in the street, or don’t clean up after their dogs.  It is not about where it happens – though we know that we have hotspots in the city where the situation is worse than elsewhere – it’s about what we can all do about it that matters now.

I want us – that’s me, you, your neighbour, your local community group or school and local businesses to come together in our pledge to make the city cleaner and safer.

And this weekend marks the start of how we want to work with you in the future.  With the Derby Spring Clean weekend of activities, the whole city is coming together to clean up their local neighbourhoods.  Literally hundreds of people are coming out and getting involved.  These are people just like you – people who want to make a difference to where they live.

We will be talking about Love Your Neighbourhood a lot in the coming weeks and you will be able to see what others are doing.  Here’s the list of planned activities this weekend – why don’t you go along and help out?

If you want to know what Love Your Neighbourhood means to people who live here, take a look at this short film.  We are going to work together – in partnership – to make this happen.”

Published: Friday 3rd March 2017