Councillor Jonathan Smale; Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride

Councillor Jonathan Smale
Councillor Jonathan Smale

In speaking to our residents, one thing has become clear to me: people are calling for a change in Derby city centre, both in terms of how we run it and how we keep it clean. The City Centre Deep Clean is our opportunity to get the city cleaned, turn the waterfall on, and show the residents of the city that we really mean business here.

Living and working in Derby myself, I understand how important it is to have a city that you feel proud of. The city centre is a hub, day and night, for shopping and eating, for business and for leisure. And one of the most crucial spots for me is the Market Place – it’s the first port of call for lots of people entering the city.

Like lots of my fellow Derbians, I often use the Assembly Rooms drop-off points to start my visit to Derby. This is why I am so glad we are starting our programme of Deep Clean events in the heart of the city.

We are fortunate to have a lot of great sites in Derby which can be restored to their former glory, creating a clean and attractive city centre and making it an even greater place to live work or visit.

What’s even better is that this event has a massive community feel to it. We’ve got a lot of organisations working together on this, as well as huge number of volunteers joining in. The community itself is the biggest resource this city has, and I have been heartened to see that spirit of partnership shining through in this project.

City Centre Deep Clean

From the students of the Derby College Broomfield Campus and the police cadets, to the Business Improvement Districts and our Streetpride staff, everyone has stepped up to the challenge. I’m very grateful to everyone who has pledged their support so far – it just shows what we can achieve when we work together!

As for me, I’ll definitely be getting involved in on the day. I’ll be on site from start to finish, and I’m not shy of a bit of hard work! From litter picking to painting our benches, I’ll be using as much elbow grease as everyone else.

After the event, I hope this pride and community spirit will continue. We plan to run more Deep Clean events across the city centre and in our local neighbourhoods, and I look forward to being involved as much as I can. I also plan to work closely with our frontline Streetpride staff to understand their day-to-day work and what pressures they face.

The City Centre Deep Clean is shaping up to be a really big event and an exciting opportunity for all of us. Working together, we can help Derby move forward with cleaner streets, community spirit, a working waterfall and a sense of pride in our city.