Today (12th July) Council Cabinet approved the Libraries Strategic Review needs assessment recommendations.

The report considered by Cabinet Members at this evening’s meeting included proposals for the future of the Central Library building, practical arrangements for Community Managed Libraries such as leases, what they would be expected to provide, how they can continue to work with other local libraries, an average £17,500 annual grant to each Community Managed Library and possible enhanced packages of support (package one, package two); alongside details of which libraries the Council will continue to run.

In accordance with the Council’s constitution there will now be a short standstill period during which councillors can challenge the decision. Following this the Council can start implementation from Monday 24th July, if the decision is not challenged.

More information will be available to those interested in volunteering to support a Community Managed Library towards the end of this month, subject to the decision not being challenged. A series of information events are planned to take place in August, where specialist advice will be on hand for individuals and groups to learn more.

Further details will be published on the In Derby website.