Derby City Council’s Livewell Service has been recognised by the Mayor of Derby, Councillor Linda Winter for its inspiring work in the community.

Livewell along with partner, Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) offers a wide range of free lifestyle services to help adults and children in Derby to manage their weight, stop smoking, get fitter and improve their overall health.

The Mayor presented the team with an award and a special thank you for its dedication in engaging hard to reach groups in areas of poorer health in Derby to change their lives for the better.

Councillor Winter witnessed first hand a selection of sessions delivered by the partnership including a Liveability activity session for people with learning disabilities, an exercise class at Springwood Leisure Centre, a healthy weight project for children and families at Hardwick Primary School and an NHS Health Check appointment.

The Mayor of Derby, Councillor Winter said:

Livewell offers so much more than weight management and stop smoking services. Through my visits, I’ve discovered programmes that are benefiting children, adults and families of all ages and abilities across Derby. I was particularly impressed by the Boccia and dancing session for people with learning disabilities and the new project at Hardwick Primary School that is helping children and their families to transform their lives. This award acknowledges the passion and hard work of the Livewell and DCCT teams to make a real difference to communities that need it.”

Rob Smithers, Livewell Treatment Manager added:

We are privileged that the Mayor has taken the time to appreciate the fantastic work that the Livewell team and our partners deliver on a daily basis. We feel passionately about the work we do and the people we support so this recognition should be extended to every client that has shown the motivation and enthusiasm to engage with Livewell and reach their health goals.”

Livewell in numbers

Since 2013, Livewell has supported over 9000 people in Derby to change their lifestyles and improve their health.

It smashed its annual target to deliver 1000 community NHS Health Checks almost two months early and helps three times more smokers achieve a 4-week quit than the national average.

Other successes include:

  • 61% of people joining Livewell to lose weight achieve at least a 5% weight loss.  The highest weight loss is over 50%!  Over the last four years that equates to 22 tonnes of fat or the weight of four African elephants (5455kg)
  • Last year Livewell supported over 1000 smokers to quit, saving each smoker around £3158 a year (based on 20 a day), that’s up to £3.15m in total! In addition that’s up to nearly 7kg less tar consumed by people in Derby.
  • 56% of all people coming to Livewell for an NHS Health Check are referred to their GP or to Livewell for clinical or lifestyle support.

For more information you can visit the Livewell website, or the Livewell Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest updates.