With the local elections coming up tomorrow (Thursday 3rd May), the Council is encouraging residents to use their vote, and be vigilant when it comes to electoral fraud.

Every vote matters, so make sure your voice is heard. If you are registered to vote, you do not need to bring your poll card with you to vote, however, it is encouraged that voters bring it with them to make the process quicker and more efficient.

If you are unable to post your vote or forget, you can bring your vote in person to the Council House or to your local polling station.

Polling stations will be open from 7.00am to 10.00pm and residents can vote if they are registered, are 18 or over on 8 June 2017 and are:

  • a British citizen, or
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or
  • a citizen of the Irish Republic

Mick Styne, Elections and Local Land Charges Manager, Derby City Council, said:

“Putting a cross in a box might seem simple, but there are plenty of things voters need to consider in order to be ready for May’s local election.

“Your poll card will tell you the location of your polling station, and you will find more information on how to take part on the Your Vote Matters website. Voters can also get in touch with the Electoral Services team here with any further queries.”

The Electoral Commission advises voters not to take photos inside their polling station as they could potentially breach the secrecy of the ballot requirements.

When you are voting, please also be aware that election fraud does happen, and is a crime. Whether it happens through intimidation, bribery or by someone impersonating someone else – the impact of electoral fraud on voters can be significant and can take away their right to vote as they want.

Christine Durrant, Returning Officer at Derby City Council, said:

“Unfortunately, on rare occasions, some people may try to manipulate our electoral system, which amounts to committing electoral fraud. Many people may not be aware that their actions constitute a crime. Your vote is yours alone and we have launched a campaign so that voters know what to do if they suspect they are a victim of electoral fraud.”

Mark Hallas, Chief Executive of the charity Crimestoppers, said:

“Anyone trying to rig the outcome, or unduly or illegally influence a ballot, is undermining the public’s trust in our democracy. The UK’s tradition of free and fair elections deserves protecting.

Should you know of someone breaking electoral law, please speak up and stop electoral fraud. If you feel uncomfortable contacting the police directly, then our charity is here 24/7 to listen and take your information. You will remain 100% anonymous.”

Anyone who thinks they have witnessed electoral fraud can call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit the Crimestoppers website for more information.

Further details about this year’s elections details can be found on Derby City Council’s website: www.derby.gov.uk/elections.