DD Payroll Services, a division of Derby based charity The Disability Syndicate, has now donated over £1m since 2007 to Derby based charity Disability Direct.

The charity created the trading division 10 years ago with a view to accept any surpluses generated as a donation. These yearly donations would help fund vital work to support people with disabilities and carers in Derby.

Originally starting off with a part-time Payroll Officer the division, based at Pride Park, now employs 15 full-time staff. It has a customer base of 4,500 clients from across the country spread across 40 localities including, Bath, London, Leeds, Wigan, Kent, Surrey, Cheshire and of course, Derby.

Amo Raju, Chief Executive of Disability Direct, said:

We’re celebrating 10 years which is a massive achievement for any business, particularly when its sole purpose is to raise money for charity.

The board of trustees and I took a decision to start trading all those years ago and disabled people in Derby are now reaping the rewards of that decision.

In an era of almost zero grants, we are able determine our own destination without relying on any external funder for our core activity.”

Disability Direct has proved itself to be a successful charity and has recently invested into a new venture – The Access Card, developed and operated by its other trading arm Nimbus. Amo continued:

There’s much more to do yet. This is why we’re always looking at business opportunities and The Access Card is going to be just as successful as DD Payroll. Watch this space!”

Since 1993 Disability Direct has supported over 100,000 disabled people with trading arms such as DD Payroll it will continue to meet local need.

Published: Tuesday 7th February 2017