Local Neighbourhood Partnership Officers have been talking directly with elderly and more vulnerable residents in the areas worst affected by the burst water main in Chester Green.

The Officers from Derby City Council spoke to residents on Vivian Street, Mansfield Road and Roman Road about their concerns. They also paid a visit to affected businesses in the local area.

The walkabout held yesterday (Tuesday) was organised following a discussion at the Darley Neighbourhood Board. The Board was keen to ensure that any vulnerable or isolated residents were identified as soon as possible and for them to outline any assistance required. They were also joined on the walkabout by Ward Councillor Martin Repton.

In addition, a local active group of residents known as Six Streets in Darley ward had already rallied residents to offer assistance where needed. This includes picking up shopping, as there is currently no bus service available in the area.

Councillor Lisa Eldret, Chair of the Darley Neighbourhood Board, put forward the suggestion:

We realise the devastating impact this has had on the residents of Chester Green. As Chair of the Darley Neighbourhood Board I am keen to ensure that residents receive the necessary support. We hope to provide ongoing assistance to the residents by urging Severn Trent to resolve matters as soon as possible. I would like to particularly thank the Six Streets group who have already made pledges of support and assistance to those in need.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, said:

The disruption to the lives of the residents in the area is very challenging for them and I admire their resolve. It is fantastic to see the community helping each other out and it shows the strength of Derby’s community.

The Neighbourhood Partnership Team would like to encourage local residents to help with the ongoing clean-up, lending a hand to those who are finding the disruption particularly difficult.

Residents who would like to volunteer to assist with clean ups in the area should contact Rebecca Hudson on 01332 643028 or email neighbourhoods@derby.gov.uk

Published: Wednesday 22nd March