A number of local youngsters who attend the Council’s Madeley Youth Centre on Rosehill Street have taken part in a planting initiative to help improve the landscape of the local area.

Funding was secured to purchase the plants by our Neighbourhood Partnership team and Ward Councillor, Cllr Gulfraz Nawaz, Chair of the Arboretum Neighbourhood Board from Derby Homes and a major retailer.

Yates Street, off Pear Tree Road was chosen as the location for the plants because the route is commonly used by local residents who will be able to view the plants on a regular basis.

This forms part of one of Arboretum Neighbourhood Board’s priority projects. The Board has agreed to focus on working with local businesses and the community to improve the district centre of Normanton and Pear Tree roads.

Earlier in the year, the Neighbourhood Partnership Team launched a proactive programme of joint patrols between the Council’s Civil Enforcement officers and the Police to address parking issues in the district centre. These patrols continue on a monthly basis.

The idea behind this initiative was to get local children involved and to educate them to care for and respect their local area. All the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and showed a real passion for gardening.

Claire Briggs, Neighbourhood Partnership Officer, said:

The children really enjoyed the afternoon and have made a great contribution to their local community. We are delighted that we can fund this initiative and create a green space for the community to enjoy.”

Cllr Gulfraz Nawaz, said:

I am very happy that we can fund this initiative and help improve the local area for the community. The children who took part are a real credit to the community and I hope they continue to look out for the best interests of the community. I’d also like to thank the local businesses for their involvement and offering to help maintain the area.”

Mohammed Mahroof, Senior Youth Worker in Normanton, said:

I am really proud of the children who helped with the planting and offered their free time for the good of their local community. I’d also like to thank the Neighbourhood Partnership Team for their help funding the initiative and for the support they have given to the community.”