Tell your doctor if you’ve had a cough for three weeks or more, or get out of breath doing things you used to be able to do.

A persistent cough or inappropriate breathlessness during everyday activities, such as vacuuming or mowing the lawn, could be symptoms of a variety of conditions. These could include cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and, in the case of breathlessness, heart disease.

Chances are it’s nothing, but diagnosing each of these conditions earlier makes them more treatable. Cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer are responsible for more than 70% of premature deaths in England – that’s over 100,000 people a year. Earlier diagnosis for each of these conditions could lead to a better outcome and an increased opportunity to live well for longer.

Don’t put getting out of breath down to something else – such as getting older, being overweight or smoking. Men and women aged 50 and over are the most at risk of having undiagnosed respiratory illness. Remember that finding it early makes it more treatable, so don’t ignore it; tell your doctor.

Public Health England is organising a series of awareness events with trained staff and nurses on hand to offer guidance, advice and support. It is an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns that you have in a relaxed environment.


The nearest events are:

Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June 2017 Pavements, Chesterfield Middle Pavement, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1PA 09.00am – 5.30pm

Lifestyle choices can influence your risk of developing any type of cancer. A healthy diet, increasing your exercise and reducing alcohol and the amount that you smoke can all help you to live well for longer.

Derby City Council’s Livewell team can help you make the choices that are right for you.

If you would like to know more please visit the Livewell website.