Whilst most private landlords in Derby provide high quality and safe accommodation across the city, not all of them hold themselves to the high standards we expect, ensuring that tenants remain safe and well.

One of the 50 pledges under the Council’s delivery plan reconfirms our commitment to tackling rogue landlords and improving housing quality within the city by targeting inspections towards the worst landlords and properties in the city.

If you’re looking for your next private rented property in Derby, make sure it’s up to the standards set out in our Private Landlord’s Charter. Below, we’ve listed some of the key things to look out for when viewing a property, so you can be sure that it is safe for you and loved ones to live in.

  1. There are no signs of damp or mould – check for condensation on windows and put your hand on walls to see if they feel damp.
  2. There is a safe and working central heating system – If this is a gas central heating system, you can and should ask to see a Gas Safety certificate, carried out by a registered Gas Safe Engineer, for the property (the same is true for gas cookers/ovens).
  3. There should be adequate thermal insulation to the roof space, walls and floors to minimise heat loss.
  4. There is adequate draught proofing to doors and windows – although many homes now have uPVC double glazing, if this is not properly maintained or fitted, it can allow drafts into homes.
  5. There is a safe and modern electrical installation with a sufficient number of socket outlets in each room for modern living – sockets should not be hanging off walls and electrical wiring should not be exposed.
  6. There is adequate natural lighting to all rooms used for living, sleeping or studying / reading and adequate artificial lighting for all rooms and spaces including hallways and corridors.
  7. There is adequate natural ventilation throughout and mechanical ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  8. There are reasonably modern and satisfactory kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  9. There is no overcrowding or other crowding and space issues – this is particularly important in HMOs (Houses of multiple occupation).
  10. There are no access points for pests such as rats and mice.
  11. There is suitable provision for storage of refuse inside and outside.
  12. Windows and doors are working and there is sufficient security to protect against break-ins.
  13. There shouldn’t be any unreasonable trip or falling hazards.
  14. There must be working fire alarm system throughout the property, supplied by mains electricity, which is regularly tested and checked as well as fire doors.
  15. Dividing walls between flats and rooms should be well constructed and prevent excessive noise travelling.

If you’re off on a property viewing, download and print a copy of the checklist to take with you.

For further advice, or to report issues please visit our websiteemail our Housing Standards team or call 01332 640764.