Beans, cheese, avocado, or just plain butter – whatever we put on it, we can all agree that toast is one of the bedrocks of British cuisine.

But not all bread is loved. Some 24 million slices are wasted every single day in the UK; if the average loaf makes 16 slices, that equates to 1.5 million loaves of bread!

When we look at that in terms of each person in the country, it works out as all of us throwing away over half a loaf of bread every month. It’s a waste of a valuable food resource, and it’s a huge waste of money, too.

Love Food Hate Waste has decided to take action, launching its latest campaign: Make Toast Not Waste. This campaign hopes to get people excited to use up every last slice of toast to stop any of it going to waste.

Sarah Clayton, Head of Citizen Food Waste Prevention at WRAP, certainly understands how easy it is to forget about bread, but hopes this campaign will encourage people to think differently:

“Half of the UK’s bread waste is a result of people not getting around to using it in time. We can all do our bit to bin less bread by popping it in the freezer to keep it for much longer. We’ll be sharing some mouth-watering toast-topper recipes that we hope will inspire people to Make Toast Not Waste. In doing so, we hope this will be a positive step towards reducing the amount of food that’s binned in our homes each day.”

Remember, you can store all kind of bready treats in the freezer, whether it’s naan, sourdough, pittas or tortillas. If you store loaves of bread in the freezer, you can take out a few slices at a time as you need them, which will help you really cut down on waste! You can stick bread from the freezer straight in the toaster, so it really couldn’t be easier.

Councillor Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, says:

“Bread is such a versatile ingredient. These recipes can seriously help us cut down on food waste and save money at the same time. The less food we waste, the less we have to throw away and the less full up our bins will be!”

Love Food Hate Waste will be sharing all sorts of delicious recipes on their website and social media throughout March and April. Give them a try to see if you can cut down on how much bread goes in your bin! From sweet snacks to savoury lunches, you’ll find something for everyone, and inspiration for using up all the odds and ends in the food cupboard.