Nathenial Rook attended Derby Magistrates Court on Thursday 2 March 2017 in relation to a breach of abatement notice relating to noise nuisance.

He had previously been issued with a noise abatement order on 16 August 2016 by the Environmental Protection Team at Derby City Council following complaints of noise nuisance coming from his property.

He subsequently breached the abatement notice in December 2016 which lead to the council subsequently seizing the noise making equipment and proceeding to prosecution in the magistrates court.

At the hearing at the Magistrates’ Court Mr Rook subsequently entered a guilty plea to the offence.

Lucie Keeler, prosecuting Mr Rook outlined the facts and requested that prosecution costs in the sum of £1064.49 be paid and a forfeiture order be made so that the noise making equipment was not returned to Mr Rook

In mitigation, Mr Rook stated that he unreservedly apologised to the court for this offence. He said that he was partially deaf and did not realise how loud it was. He did not oppose the forfeiture order and says that he does not play music anymore.

The Magistrates’ sentenced Mr Rook to a £100 fine, £200 in prosecution costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

A forfeiture order was made in respect of the noise making equipment which consisted of two televisions and a hi-fi.

Published: Tuesday 7 March