Martin Brown had been smoking for 31 years before he decided to quit with the Council’s Livewell service during #Stoptober2017.

The 44 year old recently moved to Darley Abbey from London and was eager to meet new people whilst also improving his lifestyle.

He joined the Active Supporters free fitness programme for men run in partnership with Derby County Community Trust before realising that he could exercise for longer if he also quit smoking.

“I was eager to meet new people and integrate in my new community so I threw myself into the programme and completed 8 classes – everything from spinning and boot camp to the Couch to 5k course – in my first week.  The Livewell staff and other clients were so welcoming and encouraged me to try new activities.

It’s then that I realised I could breathe more easily and improve my fitness further if I stopped smoking.  Luckily Livewell could help me there too and my advisor, Stephen helped me find the right treatment to get started.”

It’s early days but I’ve still got a smile on my face and with the support of my new friends at Livewell I’m committed to seeing it through.  And because I’m feeling the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, I’ve reduced my drinking and I’m eating much better. I’m not just doing this for me but for the sake of my 6 year old son too.”

Martin is using Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) – patches and a mouth spray – to help with his cravings.  Livewell offers eight weeks of free NRT, saving people around £180 as part of its free support and treatments.

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