The Council’s Corporate Scrutiny and Governance Board met yesterday evening (Tuesday 8th November) to consider a range of issues.

As part of its performance work programme, the Board had requested an update on the Council’s provision of homelessness support in the city. Members noted that in recent months more approaches were being made to the Council for support, while the number of preventions was decreasing. It was agreed that this disparity had led to increased pressure on homelessness services.

Recommendations from the Board included discharging duties to the private sector; releasing more Derby Homes stock and acquiring empty properties for use as temporary accommodation. The Board also suggested that an analysis was performed which considered the relative costs and benefits of different types of preventative and reactive support.

Performing its monthly scrutiny of Council Cabinet reports, the Board welcomed proposals to retain School Crossing Patrols by identifying savings in the Council’s concessionary travel scheme, as well as supporting the further development of Infinity Park. Seven recommendations were made to Cabinet, which will be considered at a meeting due to be held this evening.

Councillor Jack Stanton, Chair of the Corporate Scrutiny and Governance Board, said:

As ever, the Board had a lively discussion about a wide variety of subjects. I felt that the performance review of homelessness provision was a great opportunity for councillors from across different political groups to make valuable contributions to a sensitive area of service.

Given the current climate in local government, the authority has to make some tough choices, so it’s more important than ever for the Board to provide robust cross-party scrutiny to Council Cabinet and support effective decision making.

We felt we made a number of sensible recommendations to Cabinet which I hope they will be in a position to accept.

Council Cabinet is a public meeting and is due to be held at 6.00pm this evening in the Council Chamber, when it will consider the recommendations of the Board.

The next meeting of Corporate Scrutiny and Governance Board is scheduled for Tuesday 6th December.