As part of the Derby and Nottingham METRO strategy the Councils have jointly launched METRO Careers which aims to give young people, and the individuals and institutions that support them, a starting point to discover more about the world of work.

To promote the scheme a ‘video resource pack’ featuring case studies has been sent to schools in Derby to use as a way to engage young people into discussions about their future aspirations.

The case studies are from a wide range of people, professionals and sectors and each short video tells a story of a young adult from Nottingham or Derby talking about their education, motivations, experiences, challenges and ultimately the things they like about being in work.

Young people who have an understanding of the types of jobs available locally and how to make the best of their skills, interests and opportunities, are able to compete better in an ever-changing job market and are more likely to have the types of skills and qualifications employers are looking for now and in the future.

Through a series of short, simple videos which spark conversations about the work place, their aspirations, interests, choices and experiences, the campaign will enable them to start planning their individual journeys from education into employment.

The campaign also features useful links to local partners and national agencies who can support young people and there are also further resources on the website with suggested questions for parents, carers, educators and youth workers to support their engagement with young people.

Cllr Evonne Williams, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People said:

“Learning about the world of work from an early age can really help a young person’s future prospects, especially if they come from a deprived background or their family members are unemployed. I’m excited about this campaign and hope the schools will get some great benefit’s from sharing it with pupils.”