The Council is very pleased to announce that there are now 43 more adoptive homes for children in its care as of December last year.

Councillor Sara Bolton, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People and Safeguarding says, “I am delighted to report such a positive and substantial figure for the number of adoptive families. To have been able to find stability, and loving parents for so many of our children is absolutely our first priority, and it is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff here at the Council.”

“Our biggest challenge is to find adoptive homes for older children and siblings so that they can grow up together, and I am delighted to share with you that so many homes have been found for older children and siblings over the last year.”

Out of the 43 children placed with adoptive families, homes have been found for one sibling group of three, and eight sibling pairs.

37% of these children are aged over five years;  34% of homes were created for children from ethnic minority background and just over 46% of children aged over one and under five years were placed with adoptive parents.

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Published: 6th February 2017