RAM Energy has launched a new tariff, RAM Energy Fixed Plus Extra, to celebrate supplying to over 1000 meters across the Midlands with energy, in the three months since its launch in October.

Moving to RAM Energy Fixed Plus Extra could save customers up to £244.18 a year if they are currently on an average ‘Big 6’ standard variable tariff*, and will secure customers a fixed price on their tariff for longer. For people looking for a 12 month option the RAM Energy Fixed Plus tariff could save you £244.18 a year if a customer moved from an average ‘Big 6 standard variable tariff’.

RAM Energy is available to the people of Derby and the Midlands, to help them save money on their energy bills.

In September last year, Ofgem found that 57% (around 13 million) of customers using the largest ten energy suppliers were on poor-value standard variable tariffs.

There are over 560,000 households currently living in fuel poverty in the Midlands. This is down to the increased cost of energy, the energy inefficiency of properties and the rise in the cost of living. By offering low cost energy options for all, RAM Energy is hoping to significantly reduce fuel poverty in the area.

Ofgem’s research also found that 28% of customers who switched energy suppliers in 2017 moved to smaller energy suppliers. Great news for companies like RAM Energy.

Peter from Alvaston was one of the first to switch. Being a regular switcher between the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, Peter wasn’t sure how much he could save. He was pleasantly surprised when he received his quote from RAM Energy to find that he could save a massive £220 by moving so he switched right away.

Peter said:

“I’d recommend looking into RAM Energy as it’s a local not-for-profit energy provider, especially for local people and may work out cheaper than the mainstream companies.”

RAM Energy is also helping prepay (Pay-As-You-Go) customers, by giving them priority for smart meter installation, which can provide customers more freedom when topping up, as well as better insight into their energy usage.

RAM Energy is keen to help those who want to switch from prepayment meters to credit meters. Unlike other energy providers RAM Energy do not perform credit checks to do this, but instead they’ll monitor customer bills (three months for smart and six months for traditional meters) and if no emergency credit has been used in that time, then RAM Energy will contact them to offer them a credit tariff quote.

Key features of RAM Energy Fixed Plus Extra:

  • 18 month fixed tariff.
  • When the tariff ends customers will move onto the cheapest fixed tariff without an exit fee, and not to a poorer-value standard variable tariff as per the industry standard which ends up costing the customer money.
  • Easy switching from your current provider.

Switching to RAM Energy couldn’t be simpler:

  • Get a quote online at ramenergy.co.uk or call 0800 121 6699, it’s great to have a bill to hand as all the information you’ll need to get a quote will be on page 2 of your bill.
  • Choose your tariff.
  • Enter your personal details, confirm your address and press switch now.
  • During the 14 day cooling off period you don’t have to do anything. In this time we’ll make contact with your current supplier.
  • RAM Energy will then send you a message asking for a meter reading. This is important to make sure that RAM Energy or your old supplier only charges you for the energy you’ve actually used.
  • Sit back and enjoy the benefits of joining RAM Energy.

*Based on the RAM Energy Fixed Plus Extra tariff, compared to the mean average of the biggest six energy providers’ standard variable tariffs for a medium-use** dual fuel customer, paying by direct debit and receiving paperless billing, living in Derby, on 18th January 2018. Prices may change. **12,000 kWh of gas consumption and 3,100 kWh of electricity consumption per annum.