The Normanton neighbourhood team have been working together closely with local residents on Stanton Street and Thorne Street to clean the area and show the importance of everyone working together to achieve the same goal.

A group of active residents wanted to clear their local alley ways of litter and rubbish to make them more accessible and improve the overall look of the area.

Through the tidy-up residents were also able to take their bins off the street creating a better street scene.

A number of skips which were funded by the Normanton Neighbourhood Board were filled during the morning.

Councillor Balbir Sandhu, Chair of Normanton Neighbourhood Board, said:

The Normanton Neighbourhood Board was keen to support the residents so provided the funding for the skips was very important to us. By working together the residents made such a difference and now they have an area that they can be proud of.  The alley way clearance event proves that by residents working together they can achieve so much and it is another example of residents loving their neighbourhood.”