Our Neighbourhood Partnership Team have donated equipment to PACE House to thank them for their support of the Spring Clean campaign on Hartington Street.

As well as helping clean up the litter they also helped with planting and gardening on Arboretum Park.

PACE House are based on Hartington Street, PACE stands for Promote Ability Community Enterprise. PACE’s prime objective is to deliver affective affordable services for disadvantaged people in Derby and Derbyshire, they are committed to tackling homelessness and bringing about positive change to people’s lives. They work closely with the local authority and other agencies to find the most appropriate solutions by creating effective partnerships across the city.

The work with PACE House is part of a project developed by Arboretum Neighbourhood Board, focusing on Hartington Street. The Neighbourhood Partnership Team has been working with a number of landlords and PACE House, with a group of them now meeting on a regular basis. One of the group’s first goals was to organise an event as part of the Derby Spring Clean campaign.

The volunteers from PACE continue to support the clean up around Hartington Street and they have a number of exciting developments lined in over the coming months which includes creating their own allotment area at the back of the building.

You can view photos from our visit to PACE House in the gallery below.