Following the closure of Pear Tree Library earlier this year it is proposed to relocate to St Augustine’s Community Centre to create a new community hub.

The Council has been working closely with surveyors and contractors as well as local community groups to provide the people of Pear Tree with the best solution.

The new location will ultimately provide a better library at an estimated half the cost of repairing the current facility. It will take significantly less time to implement and will benefit from increased footfall by bringing community services to one location.

Cllr Alan Grimadell, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Tourism and Culture, explains:

“Whilst it’ll be sad to lose Pear Tree Library’s home for over a century, the costs associated with repairing the roof mean it isn’t viable to do so. We have worked tirelessly to find a suitable solution and believe this could in fact offer Pear Tree so much more.

“We are committed to working alongside the community group who exist within
St Augustine’s Community Centre to create a stronger, more diverse range of services in one location.

“Moving the library to the already established community centre, will allow users to benefit from far more activities in one place; creating hub which will complement the vibrancy of Pear Tree.”

If approved by Cabinet on Wednesday 14th November, the plan is to relocate the existing library just ten minutes’ walk away to St Augustine’s Community Centre.

Youth services currently delivered just over half a mile away, at the Madeley Centre will also relocate; creating a hub with the function to serve even more people.

The new location has a significantly larger floor area and a lift to the first floor. The refurbishment works will include creating a new library, Council offices,1-2-1 consultation rooms as well as areas for multiple community activities. The library opening times will remain the same with Derby City Council continuing to operate the library.

The costs of repairing the current building are projected to be somewhere in the region of £1.5million and would take at least 12 months; the cost of the alternative solution has been estimated to be £700,000. Should approval for the move be granted, the new community hub is expected to be completed by late Spring 2019.

Combining three buildings will make a significant contribution toward the Council’s Property Rationalisation Programme whilst maintaining all the services. The Madeley Centre and St Augustine’s are currently under-utilised, so the move would give rise to creating a single, sustainable facility capable of delivering a wide range of Council and community services for generations to come.

No decision has been made on the future of the vacated buildings, however a range of options will be explored, and announcements made in due course.