On Friday 13 October, Derby Homes is switching over to a newer version of the computer software used to manage the 13,000+ properties they look after. During the switch-over there will be a period of “down-time” which will cause some minor disruption to services, in particular Property Repairs, My Derby Homes and Rent Accounts, although there will be an impact on all aspects of tenancy and property management.

The switchover period/down-time is planned for just over one week, running from:

8.00am Friday, 13 October to 8.00am Monday, 23 October 2017

The period of reduced service is necessary to enable all staff to work on the transition to important software that impacts on every aspect of our services. As well as the system going live, staff will be carrying out tests on the various parts of it, ensuring everything works and getting used to new ways of working. Once implemented, the new system will mean better service for customers.

Please help Derby Homes by not contacting them for anything that isn’t urgent during this time. It is likely that they will experience a high demand for services when they reopen on Monday 23 October. During this period, please be patient, and if possible use their webforms, or call later in the week.

Reporting Repairs during this time

Derby Homes will only be accepting Emergency Repairs from 8.00am, Friday 13 October to 8.00am, Monday 23 October.

This means you should only get in touch for repairs that do the following, for example:

  • remove immediate danger to people
  • restore essential services
  • avoid major damage to their property, flooding, or make their property secure.
  • deal with gas leaks

If you contact them about non-urgent repairs, you will be advised to report it at a later date.

General Customer Services

During the downtime:

  • Try to contact Derby Homes for emergency repairs only and no other reason
  • They will not be dealing with non-urgent repairs reported buy phone, in person, online or via email
  • Report any non-urgent issues at a later date

You will still be able to make payments for rent or service charges, but access to details about current balances, payment and benefit amounts will be unavailable from Friday 13 October until at least 8.00am, Monday 23 October.

My Derby Homes – Online Services

As part of the software change, My Derby Homes will be replaced by My Tenancy Online. This is a new, online service similar to My Derby Homes, but with some improved features.

Tenant login details will not transfer onto the new system, so If you’re already registered to My Derby Homes, you will need to re-register for My Tenancy Online. We are contacting people directly to send them joining instructions once the new system is live.

Key dates

  • Friday 29 September: You will no longer be able to register for My Derby Homes
  • Friday 13 October: My Derby Homes will no longer be available
  • Monday 23 October: Tenants will be able to register for the new service: My Tenancy Online

Remember, registering for our online services is a condition of our Get Online Incentive Scheme. If you haven’t registered by 31 March 2018, you won’t qualify for a potential payment of £100. It only takes two minutes, so register as soon as you get the registration email.

Derby Homes reduced service
Derby Homes reduced service