This month has seen an important milestone in the future of Derby.

The adoption of Derby City’s Local Plan Part 1 (Core Strategy) at Full Council might not sound like a very exciting instalment in our history but this strategy will inform the way our city will grow and develop over the coming years.

Derby is a city with a proud and nationally significant industrial history and a World Heritage Site at its heart; the place where the modern spinning mills were born in the 1800s. We have built on our industrial heritage and we are now an attractive location for high tech and creative industries as well as our established major employers such as Rolls-Royce and Bombardier who trade around the world.

Encouraging economic growth for Derby is vital but it means we need to be ready. We require clear, deliverable plans for housing provision, employment opportunities, education, health care and ensuring we have high quality community, leisure and cultural facilities on offer. The newly adopted Local Plan establishes how much major new development is needed and where it should be located. The policies set out how land should be used and how new housing and retail sites should link to key transport and community facilities.

We can enable new developments to come forward but only if they meet our objectives for encouraging sustainability and enhancing our neighbourhoods. We can support our diverse communities by protecting community facilities and encouraging more people to get involved in community activities. We have a responsibility for Derby’s growth, but we can only succeed if we all benefit.

Planning for the future is the only way we can be ready to take on the challenges ahead and ensure Derby benefits from strong economic prosperity while keeping the unique qualities of our lovely city. Derby must continue to be a vibrant, economically successful and attractive place.

The development of the Local Plan has involved extensive consultation with individuals and organisations throughout the process. On-going partnership working with Amber Valley Borough Council and South Derbyshire District Council has also been an important part of the plan’s development. Our focus will now turn to progressing Part 2 of the Local Plan, which will identify a range of smaller development sites and cover other more detailed issues.

This has been a very challenging process and many people have been responsible for the successful adoption of Derby’s Local Plan. I want to thank them all for their continued vision, tenacity and determination to see our city’s future is successful and beneficial, not just for a few but for all of our citizens.

Published: 10th February 2017