This summer RAM Energy took a step back from the public eye to have a makeover. During this renovation they made the decision to switch to become a Green electricity provider, with all existing and new tariffs becoming Green. Their 100% renewable electricity is sourced from solar and wind farms across the UK. These Green tariffs are coming at no additional cost to their customers, in line with RAM Energy’s aim to provide low cost energy for the people of Derby and the Midlands.

We are pleased to announce that RAM Energy have also chosen to voluntarily offer the Warm Home Discount this year to eligible customers. This £140 discount is for any customers who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, known as the ‘core group’. Qualifying customers who are supplied by RAM Energy as of 8th July will receive this payment. The discount is typically applied to a customer’s electricity bill between October and March.

The Warm Home Discount is mandatory for energy companies to offer once they reach a customer base of 250,000. RAM Energy, and their supply partner Robin Hood Energy, have a smaller customer base than this; however together they’ve made the decision to voluntarily opt-in to offer this discount.

RAM Energy’s key aim is to help people save money on their energy bills. Along with operating as a not-for-profit energy provider, offering the Warm Home Discount will also help to support this.

Councillor Roy Webb, Cabinet member for Adults, Health and Housing explained:

‘Our cabinet spent time evaluating our not-for-profit provider RAM Energy and agreed a deal to ensure any surplus money will be reinvested back into the local community and used to help reduce fuel poverty in Derby residents. The addition of the Warm Home Discount and the change so that all electricity provided is now green is fantastic. We are looking forward to launching business energy in the future and we’re very excited about how much RAM Energy can grow as an energy provider.’

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Remember RAM Energy, their partners and Derby City Council will not cold call or visit your property without notice to speak about your gas and electricity or any discounts or grants you may be eligible for. If you suspect someone of being a rogue trade, or find yourself being accosted by uninvited doorstop sellers, contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506.