Today is the start of Recycle Week 2018. After the overwhelming impact of ‘Blue Planet II’ that aired last winter, people around the UK have been thinking differently about the products they use and what they throw away. So, in the 15th annual Recycle Week, we wanted to share some of our favourite tips for recycling and waste.

Over three quarters of UK households (76%) add one or more items to their recycling collection that are not accepted locally, which can be problematic in the recycling process. Please leave plastic bags, nappies, textiles, electrical items, and food out of your blue bin.

Remember, if you ever want to check which bin a certain material should go in, you can take a look at the A – Z on our website.

Here are our 10 tips for keeping your recycling bin happy and healthy!

  • Wash all food waste from your recyclables, and rinse out your toiletry bottles before they go in the bin.
  • Check our A–Z to see what can be recycled in Derby – don’t just rely on the labels on the packaging.
  • Squash plastic bottles when they are clean and empty, and pop the lid back on to keep the air out. The lid can be recycled, too!
  • Leave the trigger spray lids on cleaning bottles – these can also be recycled.
  • Keep plastic bags out of your blue bin. To recycle these, take them to the communal recycling points at supermarkets.
  • Put your empty aerosols in the recycling bin, along with their lids.
  • Leave a bag, box or bin in your bathroom to collect any bathroom recyclables, like the cardboard tube in your toilet roll!
  • Avoid glittery wrapping paper, as this isn’t widely recycled. Plain, untextured wrapping paper is much better for your blue bin.
  • If you’ve got an empty pizza box to recycle, cut off any greasy sections and pop all the clean bits in the blue bin.
  • Any old electricals can be recycled at Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Keep these out of your blue bin as they can be a fire hazard.

If you want to find out more about recycling in Derby, visit our website.