Giuseppe the Streetpride rescue catThere was almost a cat-astrophe yesterday in Derby when one of the bin crews stopped a kitten from being thrown into a refuse truck.

The crew – Daz, Leigh and Steve – were approached by a member of the public who asked if the cat could go in the back of the truck. They said no immediately and arranged for the kitten to be collected by a member of the Recycling team who brought him back to the office.

Leigh said:

Well, we had to do something. He’s only a little thing, and we weren’t going to have him thrown away like that!

He has been taken to the team at Cats Protection to make sure he goes to a good home.

To be honest, you don’t think people would do this sort of thing. If you don’t want your pet anymore, you don’t throw them away. Be responsible and look after your animals.

The kitten – who has been named Giuseppe by the office staff – spent a few hours yesterday afternoon in the Waste Management office where he was well looked after before being taken to Cats Protection.

Footage from the in-truck camera will be sent to the RSPCA for them to investigate.