Derby City Council has announced that it has to pause planned work on the final phase of the redevelopment of Alvaston District Centre public realm improvements. Future road widening highways works necessary in the same area are being planned and additional funding sought. This work would mean that any public realm work carried out now, would need to be dug up again a short time later. This would not represent best value for money.

In February 2018 Cabinet approved the addition of £750,000 to the Regeneration Capital Programme to deliver the Alvaston District Centre improvements. However, the allocation is not sufficient to deliver the project in its entirety and there would still be a funding gap of £350,000.

There are also two major developments at Snelsmore Grange and Boulton Moor on the edge of the city that will deliver a combined 1800 houses. Should their planning applications be successful they would have a major impact on the local area traffic and bring about the need for highway improvements under S278 of the Highways Act.

The new administration has therefore taken a decision to review the plan and agreed to work with the developers in order to best deliver value for money in improving the area. Consultation would be planned as part of this review and the planning applications could be determined by the end of year giving the administration a better view of the best way forward for the District Centre area.

Cllr Chris Poulter, Leader of the Council said:

“In light of the funding gap and the fact that these two major housing developments may require significant changes to the highway in the Alvaston area it makes sense to pause and review on the project as a whole. We want to deliver value for money for Alvaston and Derby as a whole.”

Cllr Matt Holmes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Public Protection said:

“We need to work with the Highways Authority and local community to ensure that the Alvaston District Centre scheme is linked with long term highway improvement plans. It would be a real waste for us to complete the improvements only for us to dig them up again a short time later.”