The wellbeing of vulnerable adults and their carers is a priority for the Council. It is not surprising that given an ageing population, Adult Social Care is also one of the most significant services provided by the Council, with a net annual budget of over £76 million.

The Council has been listening to the views of the public, social care customers and their carers through its consultation on the social care strategy, “Your Life Your Choice” (YLYC).

Feedback from the consultation has been used to update the YLYC strategy, which sets out how Adult Social Care in Derby will support people over the coming years. The overall aim is to work with individuals to keep them at home, in the community and independent for as long as possible.

The public response was positive with the majority of those who took part agreeing with most or all of the Council’s proposals and they overwhelmingly backed the following:

  • 95.7% supported the view that the service should continue to work with people at the earliest point possible to prevent crises occurring and to plan for major “transitions” or life changes that may be coming up.
  • 91.3% agreed the Council should work with NHS partners to ensure that no one goes from a stay in hospital into long term care, unless this is the only care setting that can meet a person’s needs safely.
  • 87% believed the service should resolve queries for as many people as possible at the first point of contact and 82.6% agreed we should improve and diversify the range of information and advice that is available for carers, families and others involved in supporting people to live independently.

Councillor Roy Webb, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Housing, said:

“It’s fantastic to see so many people living longer. But this comes with challenges and the Council cannot tackle these alone. This can only be done through strong partnerships with other public services, the voluntary sector and our citizens. We want to have an open dialogue with our partners about our ambition for a high-quality adult social care offer. We want to be flexible and agile over the coming months and years to support our ambition.

“Given the rising demand for services in the future it’s right to put the emphasis on working earlier with an individual’s own strengths, abilities and support, rather than intervening at a later stage with often intrusive and costly care packages as the only answer.”

The consultation on the draft strategy happened before the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of this will be considered by the Council and NHS as part of their recovery plans.

The detailed findings of the consultation and the revised strategy document are available here. The Council Cabinet will be asked to approve them at their meeting on Wednesday 9th September.

The meeting will be broadcast live, from 4pm, and can be viewed on the Derby City Council YouTube channel