A Derby landlord has been fined £55,351 after failing to comply with numerous improvement notices by Derby City Council Housing Standards team at a trial which concluded on 8 October 2019.

Mr Amrik Singh Gill of Southampton, who lets over 100 properties around the country, was prosecuted for failing to comply with 6 Improvement Notices served for hazards found in flats on Hartington St Derby and 4 Prohibition Orders made for gross overcrowding. The property had been divided into flats and houses some of the city’s most vulnerable tenants.

The notices served in April 2018 required Mr Gill to upgrade the heating and thermal insulation, repair or replace windows, fire and electrical safety amongst other improvements. He had not completed the heating and insulation works by August 2018, so a variation was granted giving him an extra 2 months to complete the works which he failed to do.

The Orders required him to reduce the number of tenants living in each flat by a set date as they were all overcrowded which he failed to do.

On handing down the sentence the chair of the magistrates made the following comments:

“Mr Gill you had done too little, too late and nowhere near enough to ensure any of the notices were complied with. We note that the Council had acted reasonably in the matter, especially in granting the initial extension of time to comply with the improvement notices. A reasonable landlord would have acted with far more vigour and done more. There was a wilful disregard for the notices and the orders”.

The Housing Standards team have also successfully prosecuted Ms Jamila Bibi of Derby, for failure to comply with an Improvement Notice related to a property on Church Street, Normanton.

Ms Bibi appeared before Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court on 3 October 2019 where she pleaded guilty and was fined a total of £3,532.00.

Ms Bibi failed to comply with the Notice served on 18 January 2019 for many hazards found in the property including falls between levels, food safety and damp and mould. In Ms Bibi’s defence, she stated that she had used the services of a builder and paid up front. The builder only completed a small amount of work and then left the job. She received no refunds.

On handing down the sentence the chair of the magistrates made the following comments:

“I have looked at the pictures and can see the poor condition the property was in. You had ample time to put things right despite issue with builders, you have been reckless and have poor management skills. However, I give you credit for your early guilty plea”

Councillor Jonathan Smale commented:

“These are just two of a number of recent successful prosecution cases brought before the Courts by our Housing Standards Team and should act as a further deterrent to other landlords who think it is acceptable to put their tenants lives at risk by renting out poorly managed and maintained properties in Derby.

“Our Housing Standard Team is dedicated to improving living standards for private tenants renting properties in Derby and ensuring their safety and well-being is a top priority.”