Derby City Council have recently received a large number of complaints about delays experienced by hospital staff when leaving the car park at Manor Park Way.

Whilst we cannot respond to every letter individually, the Council do acknowledge the issues around the area, and are working with the Hospital Trust to determine the most appropriate changes to make.

Background information:

  • Derby City Council had previously received a handful of complaints about this same problem but investigations on site had not revealed any problem and the delays had been assumed to be intermittent and probably caused by incidents elsewhere on the highway network.
  • This area is very sensitive to problems on the network particularly anything affecting the A38 or Uttoxeter Road.
  • Derby City Council started to monitor the situation and investigate ways to assist the exit from the car parks. The Hospital Trust has commissioned a report from BWB consultants identifying potential improvements and both organisations are working together to determine the most appropriate changes to make and a priority order.
  • Changes to the traffic signals at the roundabout and at the junction of Manor Road and Uttoxeter Road were made on 27th October and following monitoring further changes were made on 6th November.

Proposed programme going forward

  • As a result of monitoring further changes are proposed to the traffic signals at Manor Road / Uttoxeter Road to give greater priority to traffic from the hospital and try to keep the roundabout clear for vehicles exiting Manor Park Way.
  • Suggestions in the BWB report will be considered and discussed with the Hospital Trust with a view to implementing some changes in the near future.
  • Derby City Council has drawn up a works pack to install ‘Keep Clear’ markings on the roundabout opposite the end of Manor Park Way and these will be installed as soon as practical (subject to weather and working restrictions).
  • The next proposed meeting with the Hospital Trust is due to take place on 7th December