Last year the Council worked with the Saltmines Trust, to deliver live performances and workshops on cybercrime to primary school children across Derby.

After the resounding success of these, and the increasing need for education on internet safety and cyber security, the Council will be facilitating these workshops again, delivering performances of Escape K3.4, alongside interactive workshops, to over 2,000 secondary school pupils across the city.

The performances and workshops will take place in the same week as Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 6th February), a day observed globally that highlights the risks that the internet can pose – as well as how to use it positively and responsibly – to children, parents, carers and educators.

Escape K3.4 tells the story of what unravels when the lines between the internet and real life become blurred, and you are forced to cross your own boundaries.

The performance emphasises the damaging impacts that social media, online gaming and the internet can have on people’s real lives, and that something you hit send on in a second can be held online forever.

An interactive workshop follows the performance, and gets participants thinking about the negative issues that surround the internet and social media. Online bullying, internet dependence, compulsive online gaming and pornography addiction are some of the issues highlighted in a safe, secure and respectful manner.

Performances have been received phenomenally by the young people and staff so far. Feedback from one attendee:

“For saying the slot was two hours long they managed to keep their teen audience extremely engaged and got them participating enormously in the workshop. Which for saying was in front of the whole year group was very impressive – not many school pupils would be happy speaking out in front of their whole year group.

I’ve never seen such a reaction from a school audience during the actual performance. The pupils were on the edge of their seats and shouting out at various scenes, they were very emotionally engaged.

It was such a good morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. it got the message across about sexting really well – It was very well thought out, and delivered just as well.”

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the week as we showcase some of the great cyber safety work of our Community Safety team have been part of – including a sold out event at Deby QUAD, and an aubergine video!

Check out the trailer for Escape K3.4 online.